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AustChrome is located in Mackay, in close proximity to many of Queensland's mining areas. Austchrome has a variety of reclamation technologies to repair and rebuild components for mining equipment that have been worn out by the rigours of the minesite environment.
The facilities have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible - which complements the environmental benefits of reusing equipment that would otherwise be discarded.

AustChrome can now offer you three leading reclamation technologies that can save time and money by reconditioning items previously thrown away, all in our one stop Mackay refurbishment shop.

The majority of components subject to wear have the chance for a second, third or fourth re-use after reclamation, saving your company money.

AustChrome’s Mackay facility is possibly the most modern and environmentally friendly Hardchroming and Hydraulic Repair Centre in Australia. The Hardchroming process utilises a zero discharge recovery system to minimise environment impact.

The Mackay facility has been designed and located to give clients a fast turnaround without sacrificing quality.

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