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Environment Policy


The AustChrome Hardchroming process utilises a zero discharge recovery system to minimise environmental impact. We are leading the industry through the use of this system as it eliminates chemical byproduct discharge.

Austchrome has implemented an integrated business management system to address quality, environmental and health and safety.

It is the company's policy to achieve corporate objectives through the Business Management Systems that are dependant on the commitment and dedication of all employees.

Its prime objectives are to satisfy customer and legislative requirements through all sections of the organization.

In order to achieve these objectives we will:

- Adopting a "right first time" attitude to each function.
- Foster continual improvement of the management system including work methods and processes, at company facilities and customer worksites.
- The management of occupational health and safety is an integral part of overall management responsibilities and includes the commitment to continuous improvement aimed at the elimination of work related injury and illness. Our use of a zero discharge recovery system means less hardchroming waste reaches our workers as well as the environment.
- Commit to continual improvement in environmental management and the prevention of pollution, and minimize any adverse environmental affects resulting from business operations.
- Continue to evaluate new methods and technologies for their usefulness in conserving resources, minimizing waste, improving processes and protecting the environment.

More detailed and measurable objectives are set on a annual basis through the management review process and reviewed at intervals.

Promote quality, environmental and safety awareness among company staff and contractors to increase their understanding.

The documentation to support the objectives is included in the business management system, and has the full commitment of management and staff.

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