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Hydraulic Services


Hydraulic Services:

Austchrome’s Hydraulic Engineering Services Division provides the following services:

  • Disassemble and assemble of cylinder groups
  • Pressure testing cylinder groups and second stage hoists
  • Supply of seals & resealing cylinders
  • Re-rodding
  • Re-tubing
  • Cylinder honing
  • Cylinder and rod eye reclamation
  • Re surfacing of rods using hard chrome, HVOF or laser coatings
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Cylinder boring
  • General machining
  • Cylinder head reclamation
  • Manufacture new heads, glands, pistons, etc.
  • Manufacture complete cylinder groups
  • Quill tube replacements
  • Crack testing of rods, cylinders and other components (Independent NATA certified crack testing can be provided if required)

All these services are provided in house at AustChrome’s Mackay facility, by our highly trained and experienced staff.

Extensive investment has been made in the latest machining technologies and facilities to meet the ever growing size and number of hydraulic cylinder groups entering the market. This means Austchrome has the capacity to ensure our customers fast turnaround without sacrificing the quality and service.

Austchrome’s Hydraulic Assembly and Testing facility has been established and is maintained to ISO 4406 standard for Contamination control.  This ensures Hydraulic Groups that are assembled and tested in Austchrome’s facility are free of contaminates that can greatly reduce the working life of the group.  QA testing of each group is carried out with hydraulic assembly to ensure the group meets all operational requirements and is free of contamination.

Failure Analysis:

Failure analysis is an additional service provided by Austchrome’s Hydraulic Engineering Division. Detailed reports produced by our technical staff, backed up by NATA certified testing (if required) provide AustChrome’s customers with clear and concise reports on the reason failures have occurred.

Honed Cylinder

View of AustChrome's Hydraulic Assembly and Testing facility.

Large Hydraulic Rod from a newly disassembled Cylinder Group.

Fitters preparing to disassemble a Hoist Cylinder.

Pressure testing a newly assembled Drill Feed Cylinder Group.


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