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Expanding Repair Options


Hastings Deering and AustChrome, Expanding Repair Options for Components

Located in Mackay, AustChrome has been the market leader in the reclamation and repair of worn components within the mining, construction and engineering sectors for over 14 years. AustChrome specialises in component reclamation, where worn components can gain a second, third or, in some cases even a fourth life through the latest repair techniques. Priding themselves on providing state of the art repairs, AustChrome offers customers customised solutions for individual requirements. Repair options available to customers include:

•        Machining Services

•        Hard Chrome Plating

o        The AustChrome facility boasts the most advanced and environmentally friendly hard chroming facilities in Australia. Specifically designed to accommodate hydraulic cylinders and suspension groups up to off highway mining trucks and face shovels.

Maximum component diameter: 400mm
Maximum component length: 5,500mm

Hard Chroming utilises a process of electro plating, using a conforming anode to achieve a consistent plating finish. The chrome material is then polished to a like new finish. Hard chroming is the traditional repair for hydraulic components restoring the finish of the component to the original factory specifications from a salvaged core material.

•        HVOF:

o        High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) system is designed to produce high-pressure reclamation coatings of extreme quality and hardness. Allowing for greater flexibility of repair options for large components, not only for cylinder rods, this technology can also be used to reclaim any cylindrical product e.g. Wheel ends.

•        LaserFusion:

o        AustChrome was the first supplier in Australia to use LaserFusion technology in the repair and remanufacture of hydraulic components. AustChrome uses a high power direct ductile laser (HPDDL) system to produce a pure undiluted alloy coating 12mm in width and up to 2mm in depth of material per pass. This enables many new material processing applications to be explored. Damaged components previously not reclaimable can now be successfully reclaimed to a better than new finish. The process can also be utilised to achieve:

Cladding and surface engineering
•        Minimal distortion
•        Low dilution of material
•        A completely dense surface
•        Corrosion resistant properties

Hard facing
•        Excellent wear protection
•        Increased surface hardness
•        Highly reproducible

Heat treating
•        Chemical free, dry process
•        Selective surface hardening
•        Precise control of parameters
•        Casing depth is controllable for exacting finishes

Welding / Hybrid Welding – features include:
•        Laser beam profile is ideal for precise seam welding
•        Spatter free welds
•        Ability to join super alloys
•        Ability to weld dissimilar alloys such as aluminium, nickel and cobalt

LaserFusion creates a molecular bond with the original surface material, creating a completely dense component with superior wear characteristics.

The superior hardening properties associated with LaserFusion are greater than both hard chroming and CAST however there are pricing differentiations.

AustChrome is positioned to offer a fully comprehensive range of component repair, reclamation, and manufacture of components to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specification.

Repair options include but are not limited to:

•        Hydraulic Rods and Cylinders
•        Wheel Ends and Bearings
•        Spindles

Through these forms of component reclamation, customers are able to extend their components life cycle not only on hydraulic components but on many other products where a wear surface is required. Contact your product support representative or your nearest Hastings Deering branch for further details.

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