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Applying a Chromium Carbide Coating to a Hydraulic Rod.

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF):

  • High strength and high density thermal spray process where the metal or alloy powders are sprayed onto the work piece at 3 x times the speed of sound.
  • Once the coating is applied onto the component it creates a coating with extremely high bond strength.  
  • Due to the micro structure of metal alloy coating applied through this method, the finished surface will give greater wear and corrosion resistance as well as providing a stronger bond to the base material than either Arc Spray or Hard Chrome Plating treatments.

HVOF is ideal for rebuilding worn material on components.  This process allows AustChrome to utilise a wide range of alloys in the reclamation process. Including:
  • High wear coatings such as Tungsten Carbide
  • Chromium Carbide as straight Hard Chrome replacement
  • Nickel Chrome as a Hard Chrome replacement with more ductility.  

Due to the high surface finish that can be achieved using HVOF, the process is also suited to hydraulic applications providing up to three times the life of Hard Chrome treatments.

Applying a Tungsten Carbide Alloy to reclaim bearing journal areas on a Reduction Gear.

Reduction Gear with journal areas reclaimed by HVOF read for final machining.

Low speed gear with internal bearing area reclaimed using HVOF undergoing final machining.

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