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Austchrome’s Apprenticeship Program: Setting Up Future Tradespeople for Success

At Austchrome, we’re thrilled to announce the commencement of our new apprentice onboarding program.

Developed and implemented as part of our comprehensive Apprentice Management Program by our Safety, Training, and Capability team under the leadership of Shannon Mayfield, this initiative marks a significant step forward in welcoming new apprentices into our family of companies.

The onboarding program, which spans 3-4 days depending on numbers and site, is just the beginning of a broader apprenticeship journey that extends over four years in partnership with TAFE. Our ultimate goal? Retention.

We aim to attract the best candidates and engage them throughout their apprenticeship, providing continuous training, a designated buddy program, quarterly rotations, and regular check-ins with key stakeholders.

As Richard Branson famously said, “Train people well enough that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Our new apprentice program embodies this philosophy, aiming to inspire excellence and loyalty in equal measure.

On the ground support…

Leading the charge on the ground at Austchrome is Lexie Foot, our Training Coordinator from the Safety, Training, and Capability team. With her meticulous attention to detail and knack for creating a warm and welcoming environment, Lexie ensures that the onboarding process is smooth sailing for both our apprentices and our team.

Last month, we welcomed two new apprentices who embarked on their four-year journey toward becoming the future tradespeople of our business. Supported by key leaders like Austchrome General Manager Peter Tetley and Workshop Delivery Manager Wayne Sammut, our apprentices were introduced to the people who will guide and support them along the way, setting them up for success from day one.

L-R: Austchrome General Manager Peter Tetley, Workshop Delivery Manager Wayne Sammut, Apprentices Nathan Hohn and Mauritz Moolman and Training Coordinator Lexie Foot.

Buddy up!

A crucial aspect of our apprentice program is the designation of Apprentice Buddies. Eight dedicated individuals have been identified to mentor, support, and teach our first-year apprentices. With a commitment to providing unwavering attention and guidance, our Buddies will help minimise risk exposure, instil our safety standards, and kickstart our apprentices’ careers by learning from the best.

But our support doesn’t end there. Our Buddies recently underwent a comprehensive 3-hour training program to equip them with the skills and techniques necessary for effective leadership, communication, and role modelling. With their guidance, our apprentices are well-positioned to thrive in their new roles.

Workshop Delivery Manager Wayne Sammut shows our new apprentices around the Austchrome engineering workshop.

As Austchrome’s General Manager Peter Tetley aptly puts it, “Your hands are your job,” emphasising the importance of diligence, precision, and safety in every task.

Similarly, Workshop Delivery Manager Wayne Sammut reminds us to take a methodical approach:

“We don’t walk around with a stick. It’s about going slow and steady, doing the job right, and doing it right the first time.”

At Austchrome, we believe in investing in the future. With our apprentice program, we’re not only shaping skilled tradespeople but also fostering a culture of excellence, safety, and continuous improvement. We look forward to seeing our apprentices thrive and grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

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