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Maintain peak performance with hydraulic cylinder repair

Large workspaces allow Austchrome to carefully conduct thorough inspections during disassembly on all equipment and component.

We have a range of disassembly & assembly workbenches, both horizontal and vertical, allowing even the biggest of items to be accessible and dismantled correctly and safely. 

Crack and pressure testing are included as Austchrome standard and once inspection is complete, the most appropriate and detailed reclamation recommendations will be made, taking into consideration budget, time and performance needs. 

“When we have had customer breakdowns occur outside of normal business hours and requiring a quick turnaround, Austchrome have always supported Hastings Deering to complete the work safely, using genuine parts, and at the highest level of quality.”

Andrew Hanrahan, Reliability Specialist - HMS & ERS

Hastings Deering

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