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AustChrome offers customers a comprehensive and unparalleled range of reclamation and reconditioning technologies including chrome plating, hydraulic cylinder overhauls, machining services and thermal spray coating services.

Austchrome are market leaders in hydraulic cylinder overhauls across all industry sectors, in particular mining equipment such as underground roof supports, off highway trucks, excavators, shovels, dozers, loaders, graders, and drills. We specialise in cylinders from any make or model of machine. We offer competitive prices and offer the highest quality repairs available, whether OEM or aftermarket parts. We cater for various scopes of repair that best suit your needs.

Our Cylinder Overhaul Capacity

  • Horizontal 500mm Internal Diameter x 16000mm Long
  • Vertical 500mm Internal Diameter x 2800mm Tall

Hard-chrome plating is an electroplating process used to repair hard wearing coatings and is most commonly used on hydraulic cylinder rods. The microstructure of chrome has superior oil retention characteristics for lubricating seals. Further hydraulic rod treatments used in conjunction with chrome can also enhance corrosion resistance and lubrication properties.

Our Chrome Capacity

  • Vertical 450mm Diameter x 4700mm Long

HVOF – High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) is an environmentally friendly method of applying hard wearing and corrosion resistant coatings. Many grades of consumables are available to suit applications in all industry sectors such as Mining, Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas and Marine. HVOF is commonly used as a hard-chrome replacement and has become the industry standard for reclaiming mining components such as hydraulic cylinder rods, final drive and wheel end components. Due to HVOF being a bonded coating there is zero chance of creating a heat affected zone (HAZ). HVOF is the Caterpillar OEM supplied coating on many modern hydraulic cylinder rods.

Our HVOF Capacity

  • Horizontal 1100mm Diameter x 5000mm Long
  • Vertical 1500mm Diameter 3000mm Tall
  • With 4 x Robots and 8 x Rotators, Austchrome has largest throughput capacity in QLD

ARC Spray – Arc Spray (Dual Wire Spray) is an environmentally friendly method of applying hard wearing coatings and building up of worn components. Although Arc Spray is not as dense as HVOF, it is well suited to applications such as Underground Flame Paths where low Aluminium consumables are required.

Our ARC Spray Capacity

  • Vertical 1500mm Diameter x 2000mm Tall

Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) is an environmentally friendly method of applying a cladded (welded) hard wearing and corrosion resistant coating at controlled heat which results in low dilution rates minimising the heat affected zone (HAZ). Many different grades of consumables are available depending on the required applications such as reclaiming hydraulic cylinder rods, worn shafts and hard facing of ground engaging tools (GET).

Our PTA Capacity

  • Horizontal 900mm Diameter x 3300mm Long

Austchrome has large machining capability consisting of multi-axis modern CNC machines, allowing us to achieve tight tolerances and high-quality surface finishes across many material types. Complex 3D milling is within our capacity and is complemented by our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software.

Our CNC Machining Centre Capacity

  • Horizontal – 3000mm x 2000mm x 1600mm, 15 Ton
  • Vertical – 3200mm x 1700mm x 850mm, 9 Ton
  • Turning – 1200mm Diameter x 5000mm Long, 10 Ton

We have the capability to manufacture single items or large batches of items such as shafts, pins & bushes, or individual cylinder components, all the way to complete design and manufacture of mining excavator hydraulic cylinders. Although a large portion of our customers are in the mining industry, we are not limited to mining and offer manufacturing services across all industry sectors.

Our manufacturing process is underpinned by lean manufacturing principles to ensure our customers are getting the best possible value for their products.

Austchrome has an advanced Safety and Quality Management System (SQM) as well as a Continuous Improvement (CI) program which enables us to keep our people safe and achieve the highest quality across all sections of our business. Austchrome is accredited for Safety, Quality and Environment and undertakes frequent audits to ensure these remain at the highest of standards.

Our certifications

  • Quality – ISO9001:2015
  • Environment – ISO14001:2015
  • Safety – AS/NZS 4801:2001

Need Exchange Cylinders? Please contact Austchrome’s dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements.

Our Facilities & Equipment

Our technically advanced equipment is modern and well maintained, and underpins our unmatched capacity in terms of range of options and capabilities. AustChrome is the only business in Central Queensland that offers high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF).

The Austchrome Way

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