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Guarantee safe delivery with custom paint & pack solutions

Finishing the product is just as important as the reclamation process. Austchrome offers a range of solutions to protect products during transport and before installation.

We customise paint finishes with your choice of identification colours and finishes, including enamel and epoxy paints.  

Once item is ready for shipment, custom and protective packaging methods ensure goods arrive in the same high quality as they leave out workshop. With wrapping technologies to protect items from the elements, UV radiation damage and corrosion, this prolongs the finished quality of components during transport and storage periods. We also produce a range of steel stillages and stands or can manufacture to suit our customers specific site needs.  

“I trust them implicitly with my work. I know that if there is going to be problem or an issue or something is out of the ordinary, they come to me with a solution” 

Customer Satisfaction Research Project

February 2021

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