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Tailor your finish with our thermal reclamation service

Austchrome has been providing HVOF and thermal coating technology for over 20 years.

We are experienced with this technique and offer our expertise when selecting a finish for each and every component. Thermal Spray Coatings offer substantial protection to your components, producing dense, hard and wear resistant coverage.  

Thermal reclamation solutions are tailored to suit your budget, time, and application needs. We offer a wide range of coatings and application methods in addition to HVOF, we apply via arc spray and plasma transferred arc. With large blast and paint rooms, and multiple application machines, we excel in fast delivery of quality finished products for every specification in all industries. 

“Austchrome consistently meet the demands of our business, providing quality and expertise in the field of hydraulic component repair and reclamation. Their willingness to work in with our business and our process make dealing with them an easy experience.”

David. F

Service Supervisor

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